Only 1 Project Today!

By my usual standards I have not been as productive this weekend, but in my defence the project I made this weekend took me almost a whole day to make!

I was inspired by the current Sisterhood of Crafters challenge to make anything but a card!

I’ve been playing with making a variety of boxes and saw this one over on YouTube (sorry can’t remember who created it) but it has a 2 tiered aspect to it. I did have to alter some of the measurements from the video to make it work, wasted a bit of DSP in the process – LESSON, next time practice with photocopy paper!

Here’s what the box looks like when it’s closed.
Here’s the box without it’s lid but still closed up.
Here’s the box opened up – you can see the 2 inner boxes. Th etop box rotates across the bottom box when closed.

Well, that’s it for this weekend, I’ve got chores to do. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.

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